SSTV event running

ARISS is now transmitting this loving picture! We thank ARISS and the original ISS Fan Club too.


***UPDATE***  Last reports are positive, signal is strong as usual. Thank you crew, thank you ARISS!

SSTV was started yesterday on time; reports from ground stations are that we are either hearing nothing or only extremely weak signals, impossible for software to decode. In official SSTV gallery you can find some pictures decoded, few ones

*** SSTV gallery now rich of pictures***

ON0006SWL and PE1DH located in Europe 2019-02-08 16:13:00 first acquired  that special one posted on the top of this post; also twitted by David Boult

New ISS Fan Club staff heartly thanks the original one and ARISS!

Now, waiting for new reports about SSTV RX. Crew is informed and working on it.






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