1. I just tried listening to ISS APRS at GG29rm and could NOT hear a beep.
    I’ll try again on the next pass.

    1. I just worked Tim G4VXE via the ISS-RS0ISS packet digipeater at 16:16 UTC as shown on ariss.net

      73 de David G7HCE

      1. Here’s is my QSO with G4VXE via ISS-RS0ISS packet digipeater over Exeter/UK IO80gr at 16:16 UTC as shown on http://ariss.net/

        20190203161629 : G4VXE]UQTQTW,RS0ISS*,qAR,LA3QMA-6:`w5il MK\]= 20190203161614 : G7HCE-7]APK004,RS0ISS*,qAR,LA3QMA-6::G4VXE :A:73’s de David
        20190203161610 : G4VXE]APK003,RS0ISS*,qAR,LA3QMA-6::G7HCE-7 :hi{6
        20190203161546 : G4VXE]UQTQTW,RS0ISS*,qAR,ON7EQ-10:`w5jl” K\]= 20190203161530 : RS0ISS]CQ,qAO,G7HCE-6:]ARISS – International Space Station
        20190203161521 : G4VXE]UQTQTW,RS0ISS*,qAO,G7HCE-6:’w5il!JK\]=
        20190203161502 : G7HCE-7]UP4RXV,RS0ISS*,qAO,G7HCE-6:’y9&l K\]CQ live QSO contacts via ISS ^

        73 de David G7HCE

        1. i confirm in this passage 17:54 over Italy aprs is ok

          00:00:02:45 : IU2DMI]CQ,RS0ISS*,qAR,ON7EQ-10::S51BJ :73 from italy via iss
          00:00:03:09 : IU2DMI]CQ,RS0ISS*,qAR,LA3QMA-6:73 de iu2dmi daniele via sat
          73 de iu2dmi daniele

    1. This is most likely due to the SpaceX Dragon docking and undocking recently and the upcoming Expedition 59 crew slated to fly to the Space Station on March 14th.

      During such operations or Space walks, the crew is instructed to turn off the Amateur Radio equipment.

  2. Frank Bauer via AMSAT-BB writes:

    *** To answer a couple of the APRS questions out there:

    The system has been down recently because of the Soyuz docking. We now have
    an additional 3 crew members on ISS–a total of 6. We hope to have the
    radio system turned back on soon. We were waiting for the docking to occur
    for the crew to do a power cycle.

    We did launch and replace the old packet module with a “new” old flight
    backup unit. As some have pointed out, its characteristics are a bit
    different from the old one. Some have said that it is deaf. Note that when
    these were built in the late 1990’s the radio system was set up with a tight
    3 kHz deviation for packet. The suggestion to tighten up your deviation may
    improve your ability to better communicate with the system. In the
    meantime, the ARISS team is focused on getting the next-generation radio
    system built and flown.

    73, Frank KA3HDO ***

  3. Is it working at the moment? Had a 77 degree pass, not a single beep or response even with bigger antenna.

    1. Hello, yesterday had two reports from Poland that APRS was working.
      By now no other infos..

  4. Haven’t seen APRS working from ISS for quite some time. No updates here either…. I see plenty of updates to other topics but none about APPRS.

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