ISS Frequencies

Amateur Radio Frequencies – please note: only one mode active at a time  

*** Current Status of ISS Stations ***

FM VOICE for ITU Region 1: Europe-Middle East-Africa-North Asia

  • Downlink 145.800
  • Uplink 145.200

FM VOICE for ITU Region 2&3: North and South America-Caribbean-Greenland-Australia-South Asia

  • Downlink 145.800
  • Uplink 144.490

FM V/u with PL VOICE Repeater, Worldwide

  • Downlink 437.800MHz FM; Doppler +-10KHz
  • Uplink 145.990MHz FM  with 67.0 Hz PL

AX.25 1200 Bd AFSK Packet Radio, Worldwide

  • Downlink 145.825
  • Uplink 145.825

FM SSTV downlink, Worldwide

  • Downlink 145.800, generally Pd 120 mode

UHF Simplex (rarely used)

  • Downlink 437.550
  • Uplink 437.550

Other Frequencies

121.125 FM RS EVA from Orlan suit [Credit N5VHO]

121.75 FM Downlink from Soyuz-TM (voice). RS EVA from Orlan suit. Soyuz VHF-2. Progress Telemetry. [Credit N5VHO]

130.167 AM VHF-2 Downlink from Zarya (Service Module). RS EVA to Orlan suits [Credit N5VHO]

143.625 FM VHF-1 downlink. Main Russian communications channel. Often active over Moskow. You can hear air to ground conversations in Russian. Sometimes English when US crews talk to their NASA representative in Star City. [Credit IZ6BYY]

166.000 AM Soyuz-TM and Progress M-1 telemetry

632.000 634.000 AM Zarya telemetry

628.000 630.000 AM Zvezda telemetry

922.76 CW Soyuz-TM and Progress M1 beacon

2265.0 Digital Telementry Downlink

15003.4 Digital Data downlink



2216 MHz

2205.5 MHz

2231.5 MHz

400.5 MHz


*** Current Status of ISS Stations ***